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The City of Shelbyville’s redesign of Sixth Street in the heart of the Historic District. Read more about it here

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Six Street Redesign

City of Shelbyville’s Redesign of Sixth Street

  The City of Shelbyville’s redesign of Sixth Street is in the heart of the …

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Stargazer Plaza

Stargazer Plaza Timelapse

If you’ve driven down Main Street, you’ve undoubtedly seen the Stargazer Plaza. Debuted to the …

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What Is the Historic District Commission?

Shelbyville’s Historic District is characterized by its late 19th and early 20th century architecture. Much of that architecture has, and continues, to change over time. That is a good thing! Most of the change that has occurred in the district reflects a respect for the past and demonstrates the care and concern that property owners have for their historic homes and commercial buildings. Since 1985, the HDC has played a roll in helping people understand what changes are possible and how to properly approach maintaining the historic character of their properties.

Many projects are under way in the Historic District. We proudly showcase these projects as a way to encourage and celebrate the ongoing efforts many put forward to preserve and protect Shelbyville’s historic resources!