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People have lots of questions about the Historic District Commission!  

Questions regarding the intent of the guidelines or the nature of the Historic District and its ordinance should be asked directly to the Director or HDC members. Because the guidelines are sometimes objective in their intent, it requires an interpretation on a “case-by-case” basis. 

Browse the following FAQ section for commonly asked queries the HDC receives. If don’t see your question answer, please get in touch.

A Certificate of Approval (COA) is issued once a property owner has demonstrated to the HDC that their project meets applicable guidelines. Very often a project can not move forward through Code Enforcement or Planning and Zoning without a COA. Therefore the COA is the first step in having a successful project within the historic district.

The HDC meets on the second Tuesday of each month. If there are no agenda items to be discussed, then the Commission Chair may cancel the scheduled meeting. The HDC is required to meet at least 4 times per-year regardless. We meet at the HDC office: 627 Main Street, beginning at 5:30pm.

Over time many things change - some good, and some not so good! One way to ensure positive change within the historic district is to moderate that change so that it eliminates aggressive and often predatory development. Historic districts all over America have the benefit of oversight that helps people understand and protect the character of their historic property, which adds value to the home over time. Review also helps property owners better understand the architectural and historical importance of their home and helps to avoid unsympathetic alterations that could devalue the historic character of the property.

Not every project requires a COA. It is always best to consult with the Director of the Historic District to get the proper information regarding a COA.

Grants come and go. Most, however, are not earmarked for restoration of private residences. The Director of the Historic District monitors grant availability and passes that information on as needed. To get the most current information contact the Director.

The district has been mapped and there is an online building inventory that is publically accessible through the City of Shelbyville’s website. Otherwise, please contact the Director to know for certain if your property is in the Historic District.


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